Our mission

Our main objective is to offer an innovative system with which, through use licenses, we show viable and simple solutions to the present challenge of digitizing processes in Self-Employed, Business and Business businesses, providing the most appropriate solution for each of them. to your needs.

We have created a system made up of comprehensive solutions that allows individual or collective access to a new world of opportunities, making our clients part of a new way of competing in a global world, but through local solutions, where respect to individuality, singularity and the sum of efforts allows us to create a better balance to configure a better society.

Our vision

Our greatest commitment is respect for the efforts of each of our self-employed and small businesses, which every day have to compete in global markets under the guidelines of unequal systems. We allow ourselves to design a more dynamic system that favors equal conditions and respect for those who contribute their own identity and make a difference. A place where everyone can manage and make the decisions that best suit their activity, with access to real data and where they allow knowing the characteristics of those who consume their products and services. A space where the demand for the digital transformation of traditional shops and companies is possible and easily met.


Quality and safety are one of our pillars. It is important for us that the professionals who adopt our system can trust it and fully focus on the course of their activity and their daily work. To do this, we guarantee compliance with food, consumption, fiscal and data protection regulations, as well as transport safety, traceability in operations, or payment methods, in addition to the adequacy/adaptation to the future new regulations that must be met to exercise electronic commerce.

Do you want to know more about how we can help you?

At Talec System we are happy to help you. Do not forget to send us all your doubts through our contact area and we will respond to everything you need shortly. You just have to click on the icon and fill in the form.